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Karen Baker, MS, LPC, SAC-IT

Karen Baker is the  CEO/Owner of Restful Minds, LLC.

She has been providing Human Services and has been a business professional with over 20 years of proven leadership skills.  Karen has a strong background in all phases of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling.  Her great passion for people and helping others has propelled her to a successful career in the field of counseling.  Additionally, Karen possesses major strengths in planning, problem solving and communications and she also demonstrates competence, poise and professionalism and social settings.

Karen has been a strong pillar in the community and other agencies for many years as outlined below:

* Governing Board of Directors for Milwaukee Health Services Inc.

* Ad-hoc committee, Planning committee and Strategic planning committee

* Unshackle Love Ministries.

Other Services We Provide

*Group Therapy *Online Counseling* Children *Teens *Adults *Elders

*Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues * Anger ADHD *Anxiety *Bullying *Depression/ Divorce *Forgiveness *Spirituality *Women's Issues *Anger Management *Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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